katharineDear Students and Parents,

As a former private school college counselor who has an MBA in marketing, I bring a unique perspective to college admissions counseling:  not only do I offer in-depth knowledge about leading colleges and the admissions process, but I also bring to my counseling practice the ability to think like a marketer. 

Does thinking like a marketer mean packaging students or using gimmicks?  Absolutely not!  Thinking like a marketer means helping each student understand what strengths, interests and priorities distinguish him or her from other applicants. Thinking like a marketer means helping each student build an application that creates a clear identity – a strategic positioning – that brings those strengths, interests and priorities into sharp focus for the admissions committee. 

I invite your comments and questions. Whether you want a one-time consultation or ongoing assistance, let me put my admissions experience and my marketing perspective to work for you during the college admissions journey.

To your success!

Katharine Graves